Self care in precarious circumstances






With Dream Agency, we organise many activities focused on well-being. Besides personal coaching, we offer, for instance, yoga classes and activities focused on self-expression. Examples include Storytelling, Creative Writing and our International Art Course.

We also offer mental health activities such as group coaching (System Dynamics) and meetings aimed at stress reduction and other health issues. Here, we cooperate with Pharos and Doctors of the World, among others.


What contributes to a positive mindset is when you engage with others. ‘Give’ is therefore mentioned in the illustration as one avenue that helps to well-being. We challenge you to join us in looking at how you can commit to others.

Information meetings and Workshops

We organise all the activities we offer as independent activities. For example, you can join our yoga classes every week.

We also organise information or introductory meetings especially for residents of asylum centres, where you can take part in several activities. This way, you can find out what you like and what suits you.

During these meetings, we also provide information on mental health and how you can contribute to a positive mindset even in difficult circumstances.

The poster on the right is an example of such a meeting. This time combined with an iftar meal, because it is Ramadan and because ‘celebrating’ also contributes to well-being.

A day of Workshops: start of a project

On Saturday 13 April 2024, we will organise an afternoon of workshops focusing on welfare for asylum seekers. This will make our regular activities even more accessible. But we also pay attention to welfare in many other ways on this afternoon.

Working on well-being through creativity, self-expression and coaching is a main activity for Dar al Yasmin and therefore we are going to offer our workshops and activities more often in this way. With this, ‘Ignite well-being’ will become a new shoot in the stem of Dream Agency.

Access the programme for 13 April here or contact us for more information.