Everyone can pursue their dreams! We want to contribute to newcomers believing in a new future and continuing to live their life. We believe in love and connection. And that we live in a happier society when we take care of each other and give each other happiness.


We are believers in a more beautiful world in which all people can come into their own. We also believe that in our society, many people are left out, pigeonholed and not given the opportunities that suit their talents and goodwill.

The Dream Agency is an initiative that aims to be a source of positivity. We encourage you (especially newcomers or refugees) to actively think about your future, to dream about your future. And we give you tools to work on your future.

The Dream Agency wants to be a counterweight to the lengthy procedures that often detain refugees. The long wait. The lameness that entails. That is why the Dream Agency is an act of ‘it is possible’. In difficult circumstances we support people to stay in balance and in focussing on their well-being.

Spontaneity and beauty are important means to achieve positive results. It is important to be on the move and take steps to bring a good future closer.

Our approach

Dare to dream

Think about your dreams, visualize them, make them concrete and vivid.

Organize your environment

If your dreams are worth it, don’t get stuck in an environment that makes it harder to realize them. Connect with people you want to be a part of.

Take care of yourself

Look at yourself in the mirror: what makes you happy? What suits you well? Is it these dreams and do they suit you? Where do you want to be firmer?

Appreciate beauty

Going for your dreams requires you to be critical. But don’t let that prevail. Appreciate the beauty of life. Of your dreams, but also appreciate the other.