Do it yourself!

As a newcomer, you’ve often been through a lot. For example, you may have been in danger in a war or have been exposed to political persecution or social exclusion. Not everyone can easily put bad experiences behind them. And often that’s not the best way to deal with it at all.

In addition, the conditions in the here-and-now may also be far from ideal. Maybe you live in an asylum seekers’ centre. Either you now have a house, but your family is not (yet) in the area – or you have no or poor work, homesick for your own village or city.

In short: there are many reasons not to feel comfortable in your own skin to use an understatement. The Dream Agency focuses on mental strength. It’s meant to focus on the positive side of life as well. We would like to help you with that, but you can also do a lot yourself.

Here are a few tips. Not all tips will work for everyone, but be inspired by the roads that appeal to you.

Our approach

Dare to dream

Think about your dreams, visualize them, make them concrete and vivid.

Organize your environment

If your dreams are worth it, don’t get stuck in an environment that makes it harder to realize them. Connect with people you want to be a part of.

Take care of yourself

Look at yourself in the mirror: what makes you happy? What suits you well? Is it these dreams and do they suit you? Where do you want to be firmer?

Appreciate beauty

Going for your dreams requires you to be critical. But don’t let that prevail. Appreciate the beauty of life. Of your dreams, but also appreciate the other.

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Use your imagination by experiencing arts.

Do it!

Just taking the first steps in your future life.


Search for and give meaning to your life by helping others.


It starts with a positive mindset and being open to others.


Try to share your life by making contact and be part of a whole.

Asking for help

Nobody is independent. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Making plans

Think of the (first) steps you take to realize your dreams.

It ís possible!

Be alert to negative thinking and giving up too quickly.

Being creative

Don’t be afraid to take the long way. It can be a more learning or pleasurable way.


Just take your first steps, but study to gain in expertise during the way.

Inner grow

Use all your experiences (positive and negative) to enrich yourself.


Be aware of what’s holding you back and get around it.