Express yourself



Our lives are driven by stories. They are the essence within us.

Stories can be used, among others, to promote inclusion and (self) acceptance.
Sharing stories has the tremendous potential to bring change within ourselves at the individual as well as the collective level. Stories bring people together, stories create long lasting bonds because when people have the courage to share their deepest experiences, they invite others in this endeavour of opening up, of being authentic and vulnerable.

Roxana – storyteller & facilitator workshops



Curiosity, humanity and a tremendous hunger for deeper understanding and connection are the driving forces behind Roxana’s existence.

She strives to savor novel experiences and be a guide in the explorations of others. She now facilitates spaces for humans that are in search of meaningful discoveries. She shapes these experiences using the arts of storytelling, theatre improvisation, creative writing and other creative and crafty tools.

She likes to skillfully take people out of their comfort zone and to bring them into the learning zone; that is where the magic happens.