Stop smoking

A new future for newcomers = smoke-free

Together with Pharos, we organise activities on quitting or not starting smoking. On this Pharos page, you can read a lot about why quitting smoking is important and in what ways Pharos and others can help you.

Almost all information on quitting smoking is aimed at people who have lived in the Netherlands for some time. But quitting is important for everyone, which is why it is important to also talk about it with refugees and other newcomers.

Because a lot of refugees smoke. Many refugees do not think about quitting smoking, because of stress, because friends and family also smoke, because it is difficult not to smoke. As a result, more and more refugees start smoking and also their children.

We want to help to: share more knowledge about smoking and second-hand smoke, and let people know that quitting smoking is not easy, but is possible with good help.

What works is:

  • providing activities that make your life pleasant and enjoyable
  • providing activities that make you calm, reduce your stress
  • free smoking cessation coaching from GZA or Smoke Free and Fitter cessation coach with interpreter
  • support from other refugees who have quit smoking

Would you like to participate in activities to consider quitting smoking? Then you can join our activities too! We have organised various activities focusing on well-being, introspection, mind-body balance (yoga, breathing), and self-expression (such as drawing and painting, theatre and writing).

These activities will help you quit smoking. Especially if you tell us you want to quit, we are going to support you in doing so.

Just sign up with us at or by phone 06 164 70 300.