What can we do for you?


We offer several services and organize different activities to support people in finding their way in life and building on a future. In this we focus on refugees and newcomers.

In the Dream Agency we are helping you by coaching, organizing activities and suplying tools for self care.

We hope to inspire you with our vision and our blog. On this page you can read more about our services in the field of mental health. On other pages you can read more about:


Workshops Well-being

Self care and caring for each other

We organise regular meetings for people living in asylum centres or who could use mental support for other reasons.

Living in an asylum centre it takes initiative and commitment to maintain a positive mindset. After all, many people are in an insecure situation, there is a lack of privacy and people carry with them bad experiences from the past. Some people also worry about their children or family or they simply miss home.

If you belong to the target group for these meetings, but you do not live nearby or cannot, please contact us so that we can coordinate personally how we can help.

Workshops Discover Inner Dynamics

Group coaching

Discover Inner Dynamics, with its focus on group processes, providing a supportive and empowering platform for sharing experiences,

Our following workshops are on Sunday 10 and 24 March in Nijmegen.

Yoga, as a way of self care

We offer weekly yoga meetings in Nijmegen-East. Our main target groups are people living in an asylum centre or other newcomers who are connecting with their neighbourhood in Nijmegen.

Everybody is welcome! If you can afford it we ask a small contribution to cover our costs.

Self care in a personal way

elf-care is always tailor-made. Above all, you have to do what suits you. That is why we would like to talk to you about your needs and wishes.

Maybe you want to do more activities or reduce stress, or you are worried about certain things, or you want to stop smoking.

We would like to help you with this. As for the latter: many people in asylum seekers smoke, which is understandable. But it is not a real solution to your current situation. Probably you are thinking and dreaming about your new future. If you want that future to be smoke-free, we would like to help you with that. Click here for more information or sign in for our training.

Personal coaching

We are open for personal coaching. Please contact us or visit us at Gezellig (Nijmegen).

Creative workshops

We regularly organise creative activities, aimed at self-expression. Check our agenda.

Self care

Check our toolbox with handles for self care.

A long time ago Chubby Checker asked ‘Everybody happy?’ Yeah!

It was the time of the twist (a dance and music style).

We would also like to give that twist to the things we are working on.

Creative workshops

In our hometown Nijmegen (NL) we organize creative workshops on a regular base. Workshops about empowerment, self love, hopes and dreams etc. But also about creative writing and other creative skills. About all subjects that help you to bring your dreams closer.

On demand we can organize them as well in other Dutch cities.

Glow time café

Get in dialogue about yourself and be conscious of thinking patterns that limit yourself.

Workshop Self Love

Body and soul. Become more aware of who you are through creative meditation.

Empowering your future

It is a joy to think about your future and take steps in a creative and enterpreneurial way.

Students working and learning with us

Workshop Creative Writing