Ignite well-being

How do you take care of yourself in difficult circumstances? Many asylum seekers find themselves in that situation? Uncertainties about the future, lack of privacy, often with bad experiences behind them and regularly also worries about children and (left behind) family….

In the ‘Ignite well-being’ project, we pay attention to mental well-being of asylum seekers (and other newcomers). Through activities, workshops, individual counselling and empowerment projects, we want to contribute to a better well-being of asylum seekers.

Heart to heart

Everyone has a opportunity to dream, but for some people it is more difficult to take steps to realise their dreams.

Therefore, we started a project Heart to heart for people who are set back. Newcomers with disabilities (or people with determination, as Arab people say), olders and lonely people for who it is more difficult to start up a new future. We want to support them with information, with emotional support and a listening ear. and with practical help.

Storytelling & theatre

Storytelling is a powerful way to reach each other. In our workshops we use all kinds of different creative means to encourage participants to express themselves. In this way we also want to bridge cultural differences. Storytelling also encourages newcomers to push their boundaries and to be themselves. It helps to share experiences, even if they are painful. Incidentally we also use Storytelling with newcomers in a different setting as a means to visualize your future and in particular also to develop enterpreneurial talents.