This is a time of multi-crisis: war in Ethiopia, Syria and Ukraine – political repression in Eritrea, Afghanistan and Xinjiang (Uighurs) – failed states in Libya and Somalia – heat, drought, forest fires and floods around the world due to climate change – all kinds of personal unfreedom in large parts of the world… it resembles Pandora’s box, with which disasters were scattered around the world.

Who was that again, Pandora? She is a woman from Greek mythology, created by supreme god Zeus in a bigger plan to punish humanity. At her wedding, she received a gift from all the gods, including a vessel (later mistranslated as a box) in which all disasters were stored. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about it, as long as that barrel remained closed.

Of course, you guessed it, Pandora opened that barrel at some point. All disasters spread around the world.

Pandora quickly tried to close the barrel again, but it was already too late. Only hope remained in the barrel.

This is not the place to discuss this myth in detail, but there is a parenthesis that is worthwhile. The myth has everything to do with the creation – with the existence – of humanity. Supreme god Zeus didn’t like that man at all, but Prometheus created man anyway. And he helped him by giving him the fire he had stolen from heaven. That was the reason for Zeus to create Pandora — to punish us and make our lives more difficult.

Moral of the story: as humanity, we are in control of our lives – with the brainpower we got from Prometheus – and also with our curiosity (another gift Pandora received at her wedding), but it doesn’t happen by itself.

Now to our initiative, the Dream Agency. This initiative is supported by love for humanity. For who we are. Shut up, Zeus! We are here and we are staying! We love people with all their imperfections and their dreams and desires. The Dream Agency is about being there, that you can speak out, that you can dream and pursue your dreams.

Our Dream Box is not far removed from the opened Pandora’s box: in it the hope has been left behind. With our initiative we appeal to that hope, to your curiosity and wonder and to the power that is within you to realize your dreams. You can tell us about your dreams. We support you in realizing them.