We have written about it before: if you want to work for your dream, you can join MASTERS Education.

This institution offers online education and personal guidance. There is also live (classroom) education for people closer to home.

We focus specifically on newcomers and our education is adapted accordingly. We have four learning routes: MASTERS, languages, entrepreneurship and personal development. And the great thing is: most teachers are also newcomers. They are therefore experts in finding your way in Europe.

In this article we would like to provide an explanation of the MASTERS learning concept. MASTERS is an abbreviation that stands for:

M – mathematics
A – arts
S – sciences
T – technology (and engineering)
E – earth matters
R – reflection
S – storytelling

The disciplines of the first 5 letters not only offer you support in finding a future, but the knowledge of those subjects is also very internationally oriented. If you like it, you can easily get in as a newcomer.

Because most newcomers have experienced quite a bit, we don’t want to limit it to lessons about technology, etc. That is too much at a distance. We want to create personal connections in our education. That is why we also pay a lot of attention to reflection (= the way in) and storytelling (= the way from inside to outside).