Newcomers must be able to participate quickly in the Netherlands. A job or education are important conditions for full participation. K!X Works helps (young) adults connect to the Dutch labor market by getting a paid job directly or through the right training or volunteer work.

K!X Works is a welcome addition to the need of government and society to quickly integrate newcomers. They are not familiar with the Dutch education system and often have difficulty finding work. K!X Works gives young newcomers more knowledge about training and the labor market. The K!X Works participants undertake all kinds of things. They visit companies and schools. They work on skills such as communicating, presenting and networking.

During the process, which usually lasts three months, the participants are intensively supervised and trained by Movisie and by volunteers who came to the Netherlands as refugees. A coach from the business community helps young newcomers to expand their network. At the end of the process, the young people receive a certificate.