Heart to heart

The Dream Agency is an initiative to give people a positive impetus to realise their dreams.

But dreams are not always easy for everyone to realise. Sometimes the distance to your dreams is greater. For example, for older and perhaps lonely people or for people with disabilities or mental problems.

For these people, we start Heart to heart. To advise you, work with you to find opportunities in our society, coach you and help you overcome barriers if possible and whatever else is needed.

What we do

For several years now, we have been assisting people who have moved to the Netherlands at an older age. It is more difficult for them to adapt and because they do not have to complete the integration course, it is more difficult to make contact in their neighborhood. We have a listening ear for them and help them in their needs.

Last year we started with the individual guidance of refugees with disabilities. Our co-worker, who is blind himself, gives advice on facilities and practical tips on how to improve the quality of life. For people who have contacted us, it is easily accessible.

Finally, we offer individual coaching for people who are dealing with difficult experiences and depressive feelings. Our team consists of psychologists and coaches who are experts by experience and who can assist people in their own world.

Our approach

Our strength is closeness. We know the cultural backgrounds of the people we help. We know what situation they are in at the moment. We give people sincere attention, advise to the best of our ability.

We try practical matters as well as possible. And in relation to Dutch healthcare organizations, we try to promote mutual understanding, because in other cultures people often talk differently about disability, illness, social and psychological problems.

Based on our experiences, we advise government and healthcare organizations on their policy and task execution.