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We are all following our live path, making choices, looking for purpose and happiness…

Some things we are not able to choose, like the family in which we are born, the place where we grew up, … And also some things that happen to you, that makes that you have to leave your home.

The workshops Discover Inner Dynamics are aimed tot empower individuals in shaping their futures.

These workshops are organised by Practice Dua Dynamics in cooperation with the Dream Agency.

Group Coaching

Discover Inner Dynamics, with its focus on group processes, providing a supportive and empowering platform for sharing experiences, striving towards a sense of belonging, healing, and envisioning the future. This is vital for the recovery of newcomers and their integration into their new homeland.

Workshops: Discovering your inner dynamics

The aesthetic essence of Arabic words like Hayati, Hayat, and Hay profoundly enclose deep understandings of life and society.

Hayati, meaning “my life,” originates from hayat, “life,” and hay, “neighborhood” or “surroundings”, symbolizing the notion of community and everyday interactions.

Within Dar al Yasmin Foundation, where the primary aim is to support refugees, this underscores the profound sense of displacement experienced within these communities.

The Discover Inner Dynamics initiative, with its emphasis on collective processes, serves as a platform for sharing experiences and striving to regain a sense of home, which is essential for refugees’ rehabilitation and succesful integration into their new homeland.

Practical information

We are organising workshops about Discovering Inner Dynamics on a regular base.

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Engaged with the Knowing Field in Europe since 2004 and holistic psychology in Indonesia since 2000. With a Masters in Personal Leadership and System Dynamics from Heilig Vuur in 2016. In addition, five Systemic RitualĀ® training seminars since 2008. Passionate about individual and organizational development, revealing blessings in family history and promoting vision, transformation and vitality.