What can we do for you?

Creative workshops

Exploring your creativity is good for your mental health. It can connect you with other people and with your environment. It helps you make your surroundings your own and feel at home.

In Dream Agency we therefore offer various creative activities and projects.

The International Writing Café takes place every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm, but…

International Writing Café

What’s so great about the Writing Café?
Three good reasons to come to the Nijmegen Writing Café.

Get inspired by writing together and sharing your stories. Go home with a head full of ideas and in the mood to continue writing.

Writing, that is what we do. We are actually writing. Just read out loud and move on again.

We work with short assignments. You may come every month, or just once. We do not give homework.

Musical meet-ups

We organise regular meet-ups to perform your favorite music together. It can be any kind of music. Dutch, French, Arabic, English or another language. Traditional, modern, yazz and other styles.

You can be a performer – with an instrument or singing – or listening. It are very easily accessible events, so it is the perfect place to perform, if you didn’t do this before.

We love to mix different styles and traditions of music. It is a way to enjoy and to learn each other in a better way.

Our regular meet-ups are on the last Tuesday of the month. But we like to organise extra meet-ups in between, so you can always check our calendar.

International Art Course

This course is about:
– Expressing emotion through arts
– Learning different painting and drawing techniques
– Communication and cultural sharing

This free art course in English and Arab is for anyone who is interested in learning drawing and painting skills and who likes to develop their creativity, in connection with other people from different nationalities. 

This seasons’ course has already started, but to join next course, please tell the teachers or us about your motivation for joining. We kindly request that you explain why you are interested in participation in this course. As there are limited places available, we are looking for individuals who are committed to attending the entire course.

Workshops Storytelling

Photo project 'Your Nijmegen'

What does life in Nijmegen look like for newcomers? And can you convey this image or experience in a photograph? That is the experiment we want to undertake in this project! A project in which we show Nijmegen through the eyes of newcomers.

We invite newcomers to show their image of Nijmegen by submitting one or more photos. Not only of Nijmegen as a city (architecture), but also of life in Nijmegen. To those who have been living in Nijmegen or the Netherlands for some time, we would like to show a picture of ‘their’ city with new eyes.

Creative workshops

In our hometown Nijmegen (NL) we organize creative workshops on a regular base. Workshops about empowerment, self love, hopes and dreams etc. But also about creative writing and other creative skills. About all subjects that help you to bring your dreams closer.

On demand we can organize them as well in other Dutch cities.

Glow time café

Get in dialogue about yourself and be conscious of thinking patterns that limit yourself.

Workshop Self Love

Body and soul. Become more aware of who you are through creative meditation.

Empowering your future

It is a joy to think about your future and take steps in a creative and enterpreneurial way.

Students working and learning with us

Workshop Creative Writing