About us

The Dream Agency is part of Dar al Yasmin Foundation.

The aim of this foundation is to support newcomers finding their way in the Netherlands or – as you like – in Europe.

Dar al Yasmin is a foundation, but also a community of several organizations with different approaches to reach out for a similar goal.

Other organizations within this community are:

  • Masters Education
  • Connected
  • Symbiose
  • Open Up Media
  • Dar al Yasmin Language School

Beside these also start-up organizations of newcomers are part of the community.

Because of our shared goals we exchange expertise and we cooperate in communication, resources etc.


Dar al Yasmin Foundation

Dar al Yasmin Foundation is seated in the Netherlands (city of Nijmegen).


Approximately 40 volunteers are involved in the foundation and we also supervise about 10 students on an annual basis.

Our Team

Creative Minds

The Dream Agency is mainly an organization of professional newcomers.  Newcomers who fulfilled a profession as (for example) psychologist, personal coach or social worker in the country they come from. Other co-workers are experienced experts who want to share their knowledge with other newcomers, social organizations or governments about how to find your way.

As Dream Agency we want to provide that newcomers – customers and volunteers – can take a first steps into their future. If you want to be part of this: join our team!

Due to procedures in the Netherlands or fear of consequences at home, some volunteers prefer to remain anonymous on this website.

Kerissa Naidoo



Child psychologist


Social Worker

Feras Faysal

Public health specialist


Constellations Trainer

Roxana Gavrilut


Ahmed al Semeiri

Project Heart to Heart

Jean Hsu

Yoga teacher

Asfaw Agumas

Cultural liaison

Mohamed Abdelsalam

Creative courses

Abdelrahman Awad

Creative courses

Basima Dawalibi


Corné van Iersel


How We Work

Our story

In our approach, dreaming is paramount: dare to dream, share your dreams, take care of yourself and appreciate beauty. We are an organization that consists mainly of newcomers. We are close to the people we support with the Dream Agency.

We are an organization of newcomers, often still in proceedings, who want to help their fellow newcomers. We mainly focus on how we can strengthen ourselves: mental resilience and positive health. As far as we are refugees are grateful for the shelter, but we also see too many people around us who could use extra support. People who lose their energy and hope, cannot stand the constant presence of others, become passive and depressed.

We want to assist other. We also want to use our experience as professionals. And we see opportunities for ourselves to grow and gain expertise through the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Mental health care has long waiting lists. Not everyone can be helped by an established psychotherapist. That is why we see a role for ourselves. That role also exists because we understand our target group better. We know their backgrounds. We know how they talk about their state of mind, needs, illness and mental health. And we can – if desired – also translate this into a request for help form the established welfare and healthcare services.



Positive mindset

The story of the Dreamagency is a story of optimism and confidence. We want to see people with all their talents and we want to contribute to them being able to develop these talents.


Creativity and aesthetics are powerful tools if you want to contribute to a more beautiful world. In a world of government and business creativity is often underestimated.


The purpose is central and we would like to cooperate with everyone who shares our goals. First of all we are an organisation of newcomers, but everyone is welcome to be part of it.

Sharing knowledge

We are focused on newcomers as a group we want to support in a personal way.

With our activities we develop knowledge about wishes and expectations of and opportunities for newcomers. We use our knowledge and experience to advise governments and social organisations on policies that help newcomers to participate in our society.

How We Cooperate

Our partners

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Alter Network
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