Take your first step

Dream agency

The Dream Agency is an easy accessible way to work on your future dreams. We offer you the opportunity to share your dreams and to ask advice about which steps to make first. We also offer all kind of online tools to make it easier for you.

Besides this we organize physical and online workshops to reach out your dreams and goals. All of this to help you to empower yourself and live the life as you want it to be.

Creative workshops

Take part in our workshops to express yourself in a creative way and get to know yourself better, as well as the other members of the group.

Online dream box

Take the chance to step back from everyday life and talk about your dreams in life.

Tools on your path

Our do-it-yourself tools are in line with our vision: dreaming, self-care, organising your environment and appreciating beauty.

Community building

Join us with your positive mindset and with your doubts. We want to offer a warm home for those who are looking for their way.

Sharing ideas

And we want to offer a listening ear for your contribution to a more beautiful world.